The Many-Eyed Detective is done, and not a day too soon.
Thanks to everyone involved in some way, everybody who contributed to it in one way or another during the last two and a half years:

Rebecca, Atelier Güterstrasse: Michael B., Ann-Sophie, Rebecca, Tobi, Philip, Michael R., Massimiliano, Michael K., Ivan, Early Readers of the Comic: Moritz G., Simon B., Philip, Stronzis, David, Ueli, Ivan, Benni, Lukas E., Christina K., Lukas S., Manuel K., Drink and Draw Bern: Eva, Ueli, Stronzo Strips: Andreas, Beni, Markus, Martin, Per Culturas, SfG:BB, Johnson / Kingston, Atelier Gravure Moutier, David, Julia, Alexandra T., Toni, Oli Pixel, Steve + Nina, Simon S, Boxer:innen of Denk:mal, my Family: Markus, Trudi, Beat, Susanne, Cédi, Kathrin, Benni.

Thanks also to Berner Design Stiftung and Burgergemeinde Bern. Both supported the project in an early stage. Berner Design Stiftung is also hosting the BESTFORM Exhibition where the Comic is visible for the first time.

23. March 2022